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Pure Pro Approach To Peel Season

Pure Pro Approach To Peel Season
Fall marks the beginning of the aesthetic peel season and although the peels we offer can be used year-round (with the compliant client), we do see an uptick of peels during fall and winter months. This season is more optimal because we tend to stay indoors, lowering the level of UV exposure and allowing for a full "recovery" time. Yes, even the lightest of peels, no matter how superficial they may be, will need recovery time. Meaning no sun exposure, no gym, no actives for a least 24 - 48 hours post procedure, and longer if the skin will go through a shed.

It's important to remind clients that a gentle exfoliation added to their home care routine (based on your recommendations) can also accelerate the results of what we are doing in our treatment rooms. Home care is a must with any client going through a peel series and we absolutely refuse to offer peels to any client that will not commit to our recommended home care! Keep this in mind! Its a waste of your time and their money.

Those choosing the Ekseption peel series (and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE PEELS- especially when targeting specific skin conditions) will also need to make sure that clients are following the complete prep steps prior to the series of peels. Even those who we are using the other lines we offer as the peel series -they too can benefit from Ekseption pre step activators to ensure that we are turning off those melanocyte cells - reducing the risk of complications from pigmentation. The activators also gradually lower the skin’s pH, making the peels far more effective. We are big lovers of Ekseption activators and stand behind their performance.

The lines that we carry and the theory behind Korean skin care is mainly targeting " a no down time" and a "no shedding philosophy", but a gentle, yet highly effective approach to encouraging cell turn over while keeping the skin intact and maintaining the skin's barrier AT ALL TIMES.

Excluding Storyderm's Time Machine peel and Ekseption Retin Oil peel, you should not produce a great deal of shedding, some peels may result in a slight microshed. The truth is, in most cases, a true shed isn't necessary or the goal. Korean skin care's approach is to nourish the skin, and maintain the barrier, therefore the blends of acids are formulated with high levels of hydrators, antioxidants, growth factors & botanicals that nourish the skin while simultaneously creating cellular turnover.

Korean skincare truly is ahead of its time in way of skincare, its delivery systems and its ability to yeild results without stripping the skin and leaves behind the old idea that you have to strip and shed skin in order to reach your final goal with your clientele. Most clients don't want the shed to begin with, so you're in luck when it comes to choosing peels from the lines offered at Pure Pro.

The beauty of the peels offered here is that you can also customize EVERYTHING! In the more traditional lines, you stop after you've basically "burnt the skin into submission". Our lines don't carry that same set of standards, you can add infusions post peel, you can add modalities and create a tailored facial for each client you see. This is what is so absolutely unique and special about the lines, and they play well together! It's always why those offering Korean skin care see the return of business over and over and over, because you are doing something so outside of the box! They don't leave with skin bright red (unless you've done a time machine peel). Clients leave your office with glowing skin time and time again. That glow is addictive!

We hope you all will dive into the lines, learn the peels, learn the activators and learn how to get the most out of what you have in front of you. It's peel season, so jump in! Make this a season for your clients to remember and come back time and time again!

Also please remember we are always willing to set up consults with our staff and leaders if you need guidance along the way. You can schedule those on our website at

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