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Due to their high-profit margin, retail sales have always played an important role in increasing the overall profit of the spa business so if you haven't given your retail sales the importance they deserve, it's high time you should. Retail offers a high level of exposure to your business & an opportunity to showcase your expertise & niche. It is also supplemental income. You simply cannot be an effective esthetician without homecare. Many of us stayed afloat during covid shut downs because of the loyalty of our retail businesses.

So let's talk about some ways to encourage sales & retail.

▪︎ Create a beautiful & inviting retail space - visually appealing retail spaces attract clients to explore. Keep your retail area stocked, empty selves aren't a good look, so make sure when stock is running low, you restock before running out. Keep your retail area well lit, free of dust and well organized. Use eye catching signage & change your displays for seasonal themes to keep things fresh & engaging.

▪︎ Offer incentives, promotions & bundles. For instance, if a client is purchasing a peel package, consider adding some of the key retail products you wish for them to use in the pricing of the bundle. (Adjust the cost to include those products)

▪︎ Offer a discount when clients buy bundles or create a loyalty program where they get a free facial upgrade when they spend a certain dollar amount in products purchases. This could be something that costs your business little to no money but adds value to their service.

▪︎ Train your staff. Anyone that is coming in contact with your clients should understand the products, their functions and some key ingredients.

▪︎ Offering your front desk staff a sales commission on product sales will absolutely encourage them to sell your products. Giving your staff a discount on products so they have the opportunity to use the products is also a great idea. It's easy to sell something you believe in.

▪︎ Use your social media to promote not only the services you perform, but also to showcase the products you sell. Get clients engaged & educated on what you’re retailing. Teach them on ingredients, why NOT to buy OTC and why it's important not to buy from unauthorized distributors. Clients don't know until they are educated, so use your social media to educate your clients.

▪︎Use email blast to not only inform clients of new treatments, sales & promos, but feature products you want to showcase, Korean skincare has some of the most fascinating ingredients on the market, so why not talk about them?

☆☆☆Pure Pro Aesthetics has created a location on our website where we will be uploading marketing photos & videos into a Dropbox that you will be allowed to download and use for promotional and social media marketing. Bare with us as we create content to add, but in meantime content can be reshared from any of our Instagram pages to use for marketing content. If any faces are used, please make sure to give Pure Pro Aesthetics credit.☆☆☆

For those struggling in sales remember:

The results at the end of the facial should be your biggest "selling tool" it's important while in your treatment room to be discussing the importance and benefits of professional home care - this is not a sales tactic but a time and opportunity to educate and teach clients why homecare is needed - what ingredients they need, why and where it can be found. You MUST learn the ingredients. You can't "sell"/educate products without knowing what you're talking about. You also need to drive the idea home to your clients that in order to achieve and hold the results you've given them, that home care is an essential part of it. It's like going to the dentist for a cleansing and not brushing your teeth again until the next cleaning.

In our spas, we absolutely will not do any chemical peels or peel series with any client who refuses to use our recommended homecare. It's a waste of your time and of the clients money, and you simply can't predict the outcome of peels without knowing what the client is using pre & post care. MAINTENANCE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! There is a way to "sell” retail without sounding like a used car salesman and it is called education. Pull those products that you wish them to use at home - put them in their hands - (this is a big key in sales as they now are in possession of the product) and then tell them why they need it and how to use it. Start slow 2-3 products at a time to start and build their home care.


Product sales are a win win and a sure to build client loyalty as well as achieve the highest level of results in and out of the treatment room.

With ♡

Cherece Law Taylor

Pure Pro Aesthetics

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