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An exclusive skincare distributor & educator, bringing international skincare lines to licensed estheticians, dermatologists and med spas

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Refined melting night cream is formulated to reduce the skin pH gradually, simultaneously exfoliate, replenish moisture and reduce pigmentation producing a smooth, radiant compl...

Matcha Tea Mist is a toning lotion that should be used after cleansing the skin. It is ultra-refreshing and will slow down premature ageing.  Matcha tea water is an aqueous extr...

A new way to consider body moisturizing with this new treatment. Not only the skin on the face needs exfoliation to fight against the signs of ageing. The skin on the body is al...


Our goal is to bring international brands and high performance ingredients to the United States market that are unavailable in standard American brands.

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A professional & clinical skin care line developed in Spain for the licensed professional.

Ekseption is sold in more than 45 countries. Ekseption products have been designed to optimize the skins pH for optimal skin renewal. The products are based on organic acids in synergy with powerful active ingredients. Each product is unique and helps restore healthy and glowing skin.

This line is used to treat an array of skin conditions and skin types all while never compromising the skins integrity. This line has a strong focus on correction and is customizable to create formulas specific to your client/patients needs.


Storyderm is a corrective skin care line developed in South Korea for the licensed professional. Storyderm uses Osmocell technology which safely and effectively delivers active ingredients to the dermis without damaging or destroying ingredients. 

This delivery method amplifies the effects by increasing the penetration of ingredients in a safer and more stable way without compromising the highly functional bioactive ingredients.

This line covers an array of skin conditions, skin types and works at resurfacing skin while adding nourishment. This line is safe on all skin types and all Fitzpatrick’s. 


ISOV is a corrective brand of skin care developed in South Korea for the licensed professional. This brand was developed by clinicians adhering to the use of natural essence and plant formulation using cutting edge medical and scientific research.

This is a full range line that focuses on all skin types and correction to include the most sensitive of skin types and conditions. This line is safe on all skin types and Fitzpatrick’s. 

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