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Storyderm Super Ultra Nutrition SPF 50+

Super Ultra Nutrition SPF 50+ is a high functional physical sunblock that protect your skin effectively from external irritation by blocking UV rays. Contains ingredients such as Pulsatilla koreana extract and usnea barbata extract that reduce skin temperature and have a strong antioxidant effect. SPF 50 grade high UV protection factor that completely blocks UVA and UVB. Sunflower seed oil, rich in nutrients such as vitamins A and E, helps to soothe the skin, prevents itching and keeps skin moisturized

50 ml

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Applicable for all skin types
Sun protection

After cleansing, apply appropriate amount to the face and neck and work in to the skin until absorbed.

- Adenosine

- Niacinamide

- Morus Alba Bark Extract

- Multi peptide