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Storyderm O2 Jewelry Peel (Professional use only)

O2 Jewelry Peel reveals skin radiance. Twice refined diamond particles purifies the inside of the pores and gently removes dead skin cells to brighten the skin tone. Completes skin with youthful and elastic radiance with diamond energy. Improves dullness and pigmentation.

(2ml x 4 applicators) 

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Applicable for all skin types except compromised barriers or inflammed acne.
Improves dullness
Improves skin texture

Cleanse face with O2 White Clean.
Apply O2 Jewelry Peel on the entire face.
Absorb product into skin for 5-7 minutes to allow ingredients time to exfoliate dead skin cells.
Rinse Skin
For Brightening, Apply O2 White Mask or Vitamin C Brightening Mask
Apply desired serum
Apply desired moisturizer & SPF

- Crushed diamond powder

- Gluconolactone

- Allantoin