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MesoTox Brightening Solution (Sterilized Skin Booster)

MesoTox Brightening Solution is a powerful antioxidant infusion ampoule for the face and body, reducing the damage caused by free radicals, smoking and pollution. This ampoule contains a powerhouse of brightening ingredients to improve the signs of pigmentation in the skin.

5 ml x 5 each

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- Applicable for all skin types.
- Ideal for clients with hyperpigmentation or dull skin.
- Antioxidant.
- Enhances skins vitality.
- Detoxifying
- Repairs damaged tissue and stabilizes collagen production.

After cleansing the skin thoroughly, apply 1-2 ml to the desired area.
Using your infusion device, penetrate the product following your devices instructions.
Remove excess product once finished and finish with desired moisturizer and SPF.

- Glutathione
- Tranexamic Acid
- Ascorbyl Glucoside
- Niacinamide
- Adenosine
- Ferulic Acid