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Evasion Reverse Age Resveratrol

A cream for loss of firmness and elasticity. It restores skin radiance, firmness and youthfulness. Delicate texture, the most powerful resveratrol-based antioxidant! And, most importantly, in the right concentration; Ingredients are carried out in the deep layers of the skin. Returns the radiance and firmness of youth to your skin. Protects and restores cell DNA. The most powerful antioxidant based on resveratrol transports active components encapsulated in nanosomes into the deepest layers of the skin, hitting right on target! Gives an "inner glow" and radiance to the skin; Protects the skin from stress, fatigue, UV rays, renewing its structure after exposure to aggressive factors; Slows down the cellular aging. Envelops the skin with softness and protection after each application.

(30 ml)

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Resveratrol (antioxidant), Green tea catechins, Lectins, Vitamin A -  5% Vitamin C, Vitamin E