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Purchase Terms & Conditions

All sales are final.

Pure Pro Aesthetics recommends adding additional insurance to all orders for your protection. (ROUTE SHIPPING PROTECTION) Pure Pro Aesthetics is not responsible for the condition or damages of packages once the order has left our fulfillment center.

Shipping costs are estimated rates. If the customers shipping rates at checkout exceed the real time shipping rate, the customer will be credited the difference to their Pure Pro Aesthetics account. The credit will be automatically applied at checkout on the customers next order for your convenience. If the shipping rate paid by the customer is LESS than real time shipping cost, customer will be invoiced and contacted to pay the difference. A receipt will be provided/ attached to the invoice to allow the customer to see the amount paid and the he/she will be required to pay the difference before the order can be sent.

Products purchased from Pure Pro Aesthetics are professional grade products. There are to be no sales on any big box stores (i.e Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, or social media etc.) Buyers may have an online business store for clients only. Buyers may not reduce prices lower than the suggested retail price online. (Suggested retail price is 100% mark up)

Products are not allowed to be resold on any online forums, aesthetics or otherwise.

Anyone caught in violation of these terms and conditions will have their wholesale accounts suspended, losing their purchasing abilities.

I understand that the PURE PRO AESTHETICS WAIVER FORM must be signed immediately effective 1/12/2022 in order for my order to be fulfilled and shipped. I understand if this form is not completed, my order will be held until document is completed and received by Pure Pro Aesthetics.

By checking the terms and conditions, I agree to the policies listed above.