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Pure Pro Aesthetics Professional Translucent Esthetic Wrap ™

Box of 100

Pure Pro Aesthetics Professional Translucent Esthetic Wraps ™ are designed to work with steam to lock in heat or replace heat in your treatment room. This innovative design provides a tight seal that locks in heat and ingredients and provides a much easier method of extractions. The natural heat will activate and prolong the enzyme activation time.

These wraps may be used with any enzyme, disincrustation, heating gel and mask to hold warmth to the skin, softening skin tissue and relaxing pores, making extractions a breeze!

Tip* If using steam with these wraps, cut steam time in half as the natural heat from the skin will heat from below the wrap.

Recommended use with - Ekseption enzymes, Storyderm enzyme, Storyderm black cavi, ISOV blackhead & pore lotion. Also great with numbing agents. And stay tuned, we're testing another technique that utilizes these wraps.


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