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ISOV Meso Peel CL4 PRO (Professional use only)

A next generation peeling system consisiting of herbal peeling solution, soothing mask and regeneration cream to improve skins barrier, brightening skins appearing and providing anti aging benefits.

6.3% Lactic Acid, 0.1% Salicylic Acid, 5% Glycolic Acid, 15% Gluconolactone, 0.52% NFA (Natural Fruit Acid)

p.H 2.5

Applicable skin type: Dry skin, skin in need of repair and sensitive skin types

Kit includes:

  • Meso Peel CL4- 10 each

  • Madeca Caming Gel Cream 50 g

  • Meso Stem C Cream- 3 each

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Applicable for all skin types
Improves skin texture
Improves dull skin
Reduces appearance of enlarged pores

After cleansing the skin, Apply CL4 Peel. (May include 1-2 pumps of desired ISOV Fermented serums to target specific skin conditions.)
Apply Isov Madeca Calming Gel Cream on top of peel and leave on for 15
minutes. (For a more aggressive peel, massage CL4 Peel into skin before
applying calming cream.)
Remove with cool sponges or towel.
Apply Storyderm 72 Capsule Mask or Isov Madeca Cream Mask. Remove after
15-20 minutes.

- 4 kind of complex acids

- 9 herbs

- ELL-6 perfect

- Niacinamide

- Adenosine